Visitor Book

  • We all enjoyed the exhibition - lots of ‘WOWs’ when we reached the chambers. Many thanks." - St osmunds Primary, Salisbury
  • Really beautiful! Loved the stories that were told and the statues. It was worth coming here." - Robin C., Holland
  • Excellent value. Would definitely come again. Totally worth the money." - Jamie, Somerset
  • Fab. The video was really interesting! I really liked the throne and the body of Tut. Thank you." - Grace, Lancashire, England
  • We came here on holiday specifically to see this exhibition. We have not been disappointed, we will tell our friends and family so they may visit. Thank you." - Mr & Mrs Jones from Manchester
  • The Children were very enthusiastic to learn. To be able to see the tomb etc in front of them made it so much easier to understand, great experience." - St Nicholas School, Child Okeford
  • The children learnt so much! The introductory talk gave a really useful context, and the worksheets provided an invaluable focus. Thank you." - Marshwood School
  • Enjoyed the exhibit very much! Well done!" - Mr Hedworth, Seattle, WA, USA
  • My daughter of 8 years really enjoyed it, after studying it at the school." - The McGaw family, Somerset
  • A fantastic trip (we come every year) and as always children have found very  informative. Enjoyed by all! Thank you." - St Mary’s First School, West Moors
  • Excellent exhibition. The kids really enjoyed it. You really get a feel for how it must've been to discover the riches of the tomb." - Clark Family, Poole